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4 symptoms the growth in your organization has stopped

Growth is the lifeblood of any company. A slowdown in the growth, or worse yet, a stoppage of growth can be a signal for downward trajectory or even the beginning of the end of that company. For every CEO or members of the executive team, pursuing enduring growth is one of the most important priorities. As soon as you get complacent and take your foot off the gas, you’ve made a cardinal error. Your company growth slows, stops or a competitor takes market share from you. Even more egregious of an executive mistake is that a competitor passes you and takes your market leadership away from you.

There is a life cycle in business that even the most successful organizations have to deal with — every company gets to a point of diminishing returns. This requires innovation, strategy, product or service modifications to fend off the declines. Companies like Blackberry avoided these strategic adjustments and it slowed companies like Apple and Android to take market share away. You can also look at situations like Gillette and Dollar Shave Club. Gillette had the razor blade and shaving market dominated, but the upstart Dollar Shave Club entered the market with a strategy to take market share away from Gillette and they succeeded mightily.