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Arthur Partners with GSU to Create International Business

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Arthur, a pioneering virtual reality (VR) office space provider that helps businesses create large-scale virtual offices with advanced fully immersive collaborative environments, has partnered with Georgia State University (GSU) to create a VR program for international business students.

Taught by Dr. Evaristo F. Doria, a renowned senior lecturer at the J. Mack Robinson College of Business and a former executive at Johnson & Johnson, the course, “Management in Central America: Panama & Costa Rica. A Virtual Learning Experience,” uses Arthur’s VR platform to give students the flexibility and freedom they need to be productive. In the program, students learn how work is changing in the direction of “hybrid models” and the role of immersive technologies like VR in it. Students also experience a VR team building use case and explore the feeling of “presence” and “being” in the same space. Dr. Doria says that, through Arthur, students learn that geographic distances are no longer an obstacle to collaboration.

“Arthur’s donation to our course was pivotal to the students’ learning experience. Originally planned as a study abroad program, these students learned to pivot amid the pandemic and use VR office spaces that real companies utilize in their day-to-day. This experience increased the level of students’ engagement versus traditional video conferencing,” said Dr. Doria. “VR offers a great opportunity for international business educators to create exciting and engaging learning experiences across borders for their students. One fundamental benefit is that it is easy to monitor and collect training metrics during experiential learning in VR – a fact that helps educators control the quality of the learning experience. Future business leaders need to learn how to work in VR to remain competitive in the workplace.”

“With limited study abroad this summer because of COVID-19, it was wonderful to see students still be able to engage globally and learn about new international business practices using virtual reality. Thank you to Dr. Doria for leading this course and to Arthur for their generous donation,” said Dr. Laura Boudon, Director of Study Abroad Programs at GSU. “We were glad to be able to assist with this program.”

Arthur donated eight Oculus Quest 2 headsets for the students and Dr. Doria to use. In addition, Arthur’s team provided tutorials to all throughout the duration of the course.

“Remote and hybrid work has always been talked about in future tense; however, the COVID-19 pandemic has made that the current reality. By partnering with Dr. Doria and GSU, we’re able to bring real-world VR applications to the classroom, educating students on how to utilize new technologies that they’ll one day use in a business environment,” said Christoph Fleischmann, Founder and CEO of Arthur. “Business students are entering the workforce at a time of globalization with a limitless future of possibilities.”

As the go-to VR solution for major Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries, including the United Nations and Societe Generale, Arthur enables collaborative sessions in a remote environment, allowing its top-tier clientele to build virtual office spaces with permanency features and photorealistic avatars. Arthur’s platform allows students to be immersed in both the virtual and real-world, highlighting the capabilities of shared spaces and the power of technology to traverse physical distances.

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