Biden turns on the Democratic Party fundraising machine for 2022

President Joe Biden’s dive into the pool of high-dollar fundraisers this summer comes with an appeal to party unity and the promise of nailing big-ticket Democratic priorities — if donors give.

“The DNC is going to need you because here’s the deal: We won in 2020 as a unified party, and we need to stay unified and keep doing the big, consequential things,” Biden said at a fundraising event in June.

At another Democratic National Committee fundraiser on Monday, Biden delivered virtual remarks from the White House focused on rousing the party’s prominent backers.

“Let’s build that bank to fuel the Democratic campaigns of 2022,” Ajay Bhutoria, national finance committee at the DNC, said on the invitation for Monday obtained by Politico.

“The Republican Party today offers nothing but fear and lies and broken promises. We have to keep cutting through the Republican fog,” Biden told wealthy supporters.


Biden said the party needed to stick together, even as Democrats on the far left voice their frustration with his efforts to work across the political aisle.

“We won in 2020 as a unified party, and as we look to 2022, we need to stay unified,” he said, urging voters to stay focused on the details. “The question American people are going to be asking is whether we’re helping them and their families.”

Biden’s broader message? Democrats want to do more — but are reliant on their majorities in Congress to make this possible.

With tickets starting at $36,500 for the virtual event, going to $50,000 and $100,000, the entry price for the event was a small taste of the party’s fundraising goals.

Democrats are reaching beyond big spenders to hold on to congressional seats in the 2022 midterm elections.

Biden last month hit the campaign trail for former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who is facing Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin in an attempt to win back his office. Youngkin, a former private equity executive, is expected to run a competitive race with vast sums of his own money.

In battleground Florida, the party last week blitzed Cuban American voters with social media advertisements touting the president’s message and condemning the Cuban government’s “failed” communist system.

The campaign could stifle some of the most toxic critiques for Democrats in the state, such as the notion the party’s left-wing is too sympathetic to socialism, placing them at odds with voters who fled communist regimes on the American continent.

The effort is part of a broader strategy to maintain voters’ support who helped deliver Democrats both chambers of Congress in 2020.

In dozens of recent fundraising emails, party chairman Jaime Harrison and top Democrats have urged supporters to give even small amounts.

“We know that any Republican stronghold could be the next Georgia or Arizona — all it takes to flip a state from red to blue is time, talent, and energy,” Harrison said in a recent fundraising email, outlining plans to spend “a historic $23 million to empower state parties to develop and implement state-tailored strategies.”

The message appears to have resonated. In the last quarter, the three main Democratic Party fundraising committees raised $77.7 million in donations of less than $200.


To Democratic supporters, Biden has touted his sweeping coronavirus spending legislation and the prospect of an infrastructure deal.

Some now see an opportunity to capture voters who want leaders in their states to confront the coronavirus resurgence head-on.

“Successful fundraising is of great importance in any campaign but what is even more essential is credibility,” said longtime Democratic Party strategist Sasha Tirador, who is based in Florida, where hospitalizations have skyrocketed.

Tirador argued Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is focused on his reelection prospects instead of lowering the virus’s spread.

Because of this, the popular governor could help deliver the state for Democrats in 2022, she said.

“COVID, among other things, did [former President Donald] Trump in, and I foresee that it will do the same to DeSantis because of his failure to recognize that there is a problem,” Tirador added. “Apparently, he learned nothing from Trump’s loss.”

Still, even out of office, Trump’s fundraising has proven a boon for the Republican Party. He announced Saturday that his political groups raked in nearly $82 million through June, amounting to a war chest of over $102 million.

The former president took credit for Republicans’ massive fundraising sweep this year and his own “record breaking” haul in a statement late Monday.

“In addition to the RECORD BREAKING money raised over the last 6 months to my political affiliates, I am pleased to see the entire party benefit from ‘Trump.’ By using my name and likeness through many of their efforts, the Republican National Committee raised $84 million, the National Republican Senatorial Committee raised $51.2 million, and the National Republican Congressional Committee raised $79.2 million,” the former president said in a statement. “Nearly $296.4 million in support of Trump! The Republican Party is unified behind Trump and the patriots continue to fuel this movement. Thank you, America!”


The Republican Party’s fundraising committees raised $77.65 million from donations of $200 and under in the quarter ending June 30, nearly the same amount as Democrats.

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