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Brazil’s first beauty biotech business aims to be an international player

The company started in 2018 by targeting the agricultural sector and has just launched a dedicated beauty and personal care division this year. It is now focused on growing its portfolio of ingredient solutions for beauty with the ambition of providing accessible solutions that are inclusive, sustainable, and effective for the whole industry.

The company says it is developing a portfolio of ingredients that are ‘greener’ than plant-based counterparts, creating highly effective actives that are both safer for the environment and for consumers to use.

The first ingredient will target skin care

The first ingredient is currently nearing the end of the launch pipeline and will have multi-functional skin care applications, including co-surfactant and anti-aging properties. Several other ingredients launches will then follow, primarily targeting the skin care and hair care categories.

CosmeticsDesign-USA talks to Sérgio Gonçalves, marketing consultant for Apoena Biotech, by K4R Consulting, who explains about the business strategy and its aims to become an international player in the fast-growing market for biotech beauty ingredients.

By choosing a future technology as the basis for its business model, Apoena Biotech wants to be an agent of change in an industry that is considered as essential, while carefully managing the balance between purpose and profit in the beauty and personal sector,”​ said Gonçalves.

The company is aiming to grow its business in the domestic market to begin with, and then to expand rapidly into the major international market, a business strategy that has been developed to meet growing demand for biotech ingredients, worldwide.