Chabad of Wimbledon Launches Fundraising Campaign

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Chabad of Wimbledon, UK has launched its fundraising campaign to support its work in the South London community, as well as a wide range of shiurim and farbrengens for the Chabad community worldwide, including a popular weekly feature on
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On Lag Bomer, Chabad Wimbledon, UK launched its Charidy fundraising campaign. In addition to serving the South London community in the UK, Chabad Wimbledon has this past year offered a wide range of shiurim and farbrengens to the Chabad community worldwide.

Current projects include:
1. Recordings of weekly Maamarim of Torah Or and Likutei Torah – uploaded onto
2. Weekly class on the Chassidishe Parsha uploaded on
3. Writing a 6 volume encyclopedia of Chassidus basics – the first volume to be published shortly by
4. Video recording of weekly Sicha from the years 5750-5752 on
5. Chochmas Nashim – a Kitzur of Halochos for Nshai and Bnos Chabad.

Please help sponsor the writing and recording of these projects – and all the activities of Chabad Wimbledon! Thank you!

Click here to donate now:

Love Wimbledon!