Crelate Omni Launches As The Most Flexible Recruiting, Staffing, And Consulting Platform For Talent Businesses | State News

KIRKLAND, Wash., May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Crelate, makers of a leading, flexible recruitment platform for modern talent-focused businesses, today announced the expansion of their suite of industry-recognized products called Crelate Omni. The integrated software platform includes advanced middle and back-office offerings, Crelate Hire and Crelate Deliver, which join Crelate Recruit, the company’s flagship applicant tracking and Recruiting CRM solution. The Crelate Omni platform serves as the most flexible, full lifecycle recruiting, staffing, and consulting platform for modern talent-focused businesses and agencies.

Crelate Omni is one of the industry’s most flexible platforms, delivering end-to-end visibility and management across the complete workflow of recruiting and staffing businesses. The new Crelate Hire and Crelate Deliver modules seamlessly integrate with Crelate Recruit, creating an intuitive and integrated workflow for any hiring process.

“Our core mission is to help companies and candidates come together for mutual benefit, and to create lasting prosperity. We build software to make this process faster, more intuitive and easier for every step in the recruitment, hiring and delivery lifecycle,” said Aaron Elder, CEO of Crelate. “Crelate’s applicant tracking and recruitment CRM solutions help customers put the right people into the right opportunities. Great things happen when recruiters can align these two moving targets. Crelate Omni dramatically streamlines onboarding and delivery and lets talent businesses turn their processes into a competitive advantage with faster, more flexible, intuitive, and integrated tools.”

From the initial steps of recruitment, the all-in-one Recruiting CRM and Applicant Tracking System in Crelate Recruit helps recruiters strengthen client relationships, streamline processes, and continuously monitor and measure success. Crelate Hire empowers staffing agencies to seamlessly manage the process of onboarding and compliance, organizes feedback, and tracks all required credentials and certifications. Crelate Deliver then powers and tracks assignments, redeployment, timekeeping and approvals, and billing. 

Crelate Hire provides flexible and intuitive tools that streamline hiring through process automation, centralized client feedback, and integrated compliance through credential management. 

  • Onboard faster with purpose-built and customizable onboarding activity checklists, advanced document management, and e-signature.
  • Manage and Track credentials and certifications for simplified and integrated compliance management.
  • Engage both candidates and hiring managers to upload documents, provide feedback, or take action at the right time, directly from your workflow.

Crelate Deliver powers staffing and consulting firms by managing assignments, tracking time and expenses, and invoicing.

  • Assign and Track your talent pool as you deploy them to new assignments. Track and approve time and expenses, ensure seamless redeployment, minimize bench time, and retain your hard-won talent pool.
  • Pay and Invoice enables payroll export to integrate easily with existing systems, invoicing clients based on integrated timekeeping records, and tracking of outstanding revenue to provide clear insight into the health of accounts while monitoring which clients need attention.

Crelate Recruit powers both the sales and recruiting pipelines at the core of every agency. 

  • Sell and fill more orders by keeping sales and recruiting teams working together and in the same unified system.
  • Source and Recruit with embeddable, customizable job boards that put websites to work, and prescreen candidates with a powerful search tool that scours databases for the perfect candidate.
  • Communicate with candidates and clients via phone, email, and text, all while tracking each engagement and measuring its success.
  • Mobilize with a native app and mobile-first design that gives you on-the-go access so you can work remotely.

“Every business should have the ability to fully customize their core platform to fit their unique needs and process,” added Mr. Elder. “Crelate Omni is the industry’s most intuitive and flexible solution which can be shaped specifically to the demands of any recruiting organization, without compromising the unique elements that differentiate their process.”  

Founded in 2012, Crelate is a fast, flexible recruitment platform for modern talent businesses— recruiting, staffing, and consulting. With over 1400 customers, Crelate enables agencies of any size to compete with industry giants while preserving their unique processes and competitive advantages by integrating a powerful and customizable ATS, Recruiting CRM, and back-office management. With an intuitive and flexible architecture, Crelate equips firms with the tools to make more placements, win more business, and seriously scale teams. Crelate’s cloud-based talent management system with actionable analytics is purpose-built for the recruitment and delivery process.

At Crelate, our mission is to grow lasting prosperity for all through the empowerment of entrepreneurship and employment. To learn more about Crelate, visit