Expanded verticals for Dynamic Remarketing beta and additions to RSAs in Microsoft Advertising

With summer in full swing, Microsft Advertising has been diving in head-first in expansions that benefit advertisers the retail, travel, automotive, and entertainment industries. The latest announcements today follow suit.

The beta for dynamic remarketing in Microsoft Advertising will now be expanded beyond just Retail (Hotels/Vacation Rentals), and will now be available for Automotive (listings), Entertainment (events), and Travel (Tours and Activities). “With Dynamic Remarketing, you can target audiences based on a specific product ID each user interacted with and show them an ad with that same product ID,” wrote Kevin Salat. To gain access to this beta, advertisers will have to contact their account manager with Microsoft Advertising or contact support.

More updates. Along with the new industries added to Dynamic Remarketing, other announcements made by Microsoft Advertising include an updated UI in order to see how big a segment size is.

Automated bidding changes. Along with this change, advertisers can also expect to see automated bidding [Maximize Conversions, Maximize Clicks, Target CPA, and Target ROAS] roll out to the Microsoft Audience Network. One caveat: “this currently only for search campaigns extended to native; standalone audience campaigns will be enabled for automated bidding in the coming months.”

Additions to RSAs. Countdown customizers in RSAs mean you will now be able to “dynamically insert countdowns into your RSAs to key moments for your business; like sales or online events.” And local insertions will let you add locations to your RSAs to ensure that your searcher’s location is taken into account.

Reminders from Microsoft. Microsoft Advertising’s phrase match and BMM changes are officially live for all advertisers globally. Plus, the company has deprecated the Intelligence Tool. Advertisers can now use the Keyword Planner tool.

Why we care. If you’re in automotive, travel, or entertainment, you will want to contact your ad rep about the Dynamic Remarketing beta and how to get started. The ability to set up automated bidding for the full Microsoft Audience Network means more opportunities to reach a wider audience of searchers while maximizing your spend. Plus, the new additions to RSAs mean you can customize campaigns around events and searcher locations.

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