Industry consultants announce formation of global consulting consortium

A group of experienced consultants have announced the formation of a new consultancy group, Casino Consultants Consortium or C3 Gaming, which it says brings together almost two dozen industry experts under the one umbrella.

The group has been co-founded by Andrew Klebanow, Principal of Klebanow Consulting, who said, “It is simply not feasible for a single consulting company to employ such a diverse group of experts with experience in so many disciplines.

“This network brings together nearly two dozen independent consultants that can be combined to form teams of experts to address a wide variety of issues, including traditional feasibility studies, operational reviews, table game integrity, database analysis, and financial forecasting as well as emerging disciplines such as online wagering and social gaming.”

The group, he added, comprises consultants from Asia, Europe, Oceania and North America.

According to the group’s announcement, the C3 Gaming concept was borne out of the COVID-19 pandemic which has made it impossible for many consultants to travel internationally.

The launch includes the introduction of a free data service providing the industry with “timely, accurate, and robust data reporting” via a monthly report that tracks key performance data for the US commercial gaming market by state including slot, table, online gaming and sports betting data.

The group says all of its members are all “skilled consulting professionals that have long made a living in the consulting industry.”