IRG plant will enhance economy, support region’s environmental goals

The key components of any leader’s job is to create a better community for its residents to live, work and play — and do so safely with a keen eye on the economy and the environment. Since International Recycling Group (IRG) announced its plan to build its recycling plant in Erie, we’ve been encouraged by the company’s ability to help enhance our economy as well as support our environmental goals of reducing our collective carbon footprint.

Kathy Dahlkemper

IRG will soon begin construction on its plastics recycling plant that will utilize advanced near infra-red technology to recycle all types of plastics, addressing an urgent need by creating a zero-landfill solution to an overabundance of plastic waste. The site is positioned adjacent to the former Hammermill Paper site — a terrific reuse of a dormant site that was once an economic engine that employed thousands of Erie County residents.