Nonprofits kick off fundraising for ‘A Community Thrives’ program

Eleven Delaware nonprofits are seeking Gannett Foundation grants to aid people in Delaware.

A Community Thrives campaign is sponsored by Gannett, the parent company of Delaware Online/The News Journal, and is marking its fifth year supporting groups that address social issues. 

Organizations are first raising money on their own through crowdfunding campaigns on the Mightycause website, which is similar to GoFundMe. Donations can be made to support these efforts through Aug. 13.

Those that successfully raise at least $3,000 will be eligible for grant consideration – a chance to advance for larger regional and national grants.

Each week, there is a different incentive grant available for organizations that attract the highest number of donors or the most money raised. Donations must be logged through the pages created by the nonprofits on Mightycause platform.

Delaware nonprofits have a track record of winning Community Thrives grants.

The Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council, which aims to ensure equitable treatment and equal access to credit and capital throughout Delaware, received a $10,000 grant in 2020. The grant was to support a credit union program that offers low-income members a modest line of credit to cover bills and short-term expenses, according to director Rashmi Rangan.

It is seeking another grant this year.

Below are the 11 applicants for 2021. They will rely on donations from the community to push their grant applications to the next level. You can donate to any of them and show support for the organization at