Marketing Strategy

Online Business Coach Shares Tips for Developing a Powerful Online Marketing Strategy in 2021

The most important thing brands can do in 2021 is to reap the benefits of digital transformation and leverage the knowledge gained by investing in new ideas and initiatives. The surviving brands have become stronger because of this, and now is the time to redouble their efforts by inviting their teams to create innovative campaigns ripe with courage and the ability to take risks.

We sat down with Owen to explore essential tips for creating and maintaining the best possible online presence for your brand. With an abundance of entrepreneurs that Owen guided towards earning $50,000+ per month in less than a month, we’re sure to take his words seriously.


2020 has brought us a ton of problems, and resilience has become the key to content marketing success in 2021.

Owen started his coaching company, Authentic Creation, in September of 2018, and within 12 months he had created a $100k per year business. But success did not come easy. Had he not stayed resilient and dedicated to his cause, the whole business could well fall apart.

“At first, I struggled with making sales, sometimes having months where I’d only make $2,000 – $5,000. I remember being so stressed and frustrated because my wife and I were thinking about having our first baby, and instead of working less I was working more but not making much money in return”, Owen shared with us”, Owen shared.

Rethink Your Tactics Regularly

A good expert is constantly developing and actively researching his industry. 

The key to 2021 is to completely rethink your tactics – whatever you do – be it using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, making reels, tweeting or doing Facebook lives. Rethink your core business goals and figure out how you can improve them.

Create Inspiring Messages

Strong, captivating ideas will never go out of style.

For your brand’s unique voice to shine through all your activities, you must define core values for your brand ​​and convey them through the corresponding attributes. This can be achieved through design, content, visuals, and the wise integration of all the elements you use.

Value Your Audience

Understanding a target audience is an ongoing responsibility of a good marketer. And customer engagement is becoming even more critical in 2021. Modern tools will allow you to treat customers in a new, more individual way. Whether you’re using voice technology, designing awesome posts, or sending personalized messages on Viber, you can reach a wider audience, increase customer loyalty and thereby increase sales.

“For a while, marketers have fallen into the trap of prioritizing easily measurable metrics (likes, comments and shares) that don’t always represent the most value, as opposed to more substantial messages that engage customers and employees. Yet the audience trusts authentic content, not empty advertising, and this trend has been on the rise for several years in a row. Continue to offer the very best in customer service and go crazy for them, this will, in turn, reward your business too”, says Owen.

Summing Up

Online marketing may seem like an easy way to make money, but those involved in it soon realize that it takes responsibility and hard work. If you feel you need to chat with a coach who’s helped the leaders in network marketing reach over $50,000 per month, message Owen on Facebook.