Sharing Economy International Inc (OTCQB:SEII) Announces that Shazir Mucklai Joins As A Consultant

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 25, 2021 / Established in 2013, ECrent is the world’s largest and most extensive global online rental platform. Ecrent says, “We encourage people to share through renting for a sustainable future. Over 500,000 items are available for rental at ECrent. You can rent many things including wedding dresses and services, venues, houses apartments and offices, cars, tools and equipment, handbags and luggage, toys, clothes and accessories, furniture etc. You will find many rental companies on ECrent which can make renting easy for you.”

Imperium Group is an American public relations and marketing consultancy firm, founded in 2016 by, and named after, Shazir Mucklai. It is currently run by Shazir Mucklai. Imperium Group generates over 15 million impressions a month for its clients.

Mucklai’s role with SEII includes consulting with the Company’s management concerning availability to expand investor base, investor support, broker relations, recommending financing alternatives and sources.


That’s what ECrent is here for. ECrent is an online, one-stop-shop for anyone looking to rent something or temporarily rent out something they own. Functioning similarly to Airbnb, ECrent has nearly everything you could imagine. Founded in 2013, ECrent is a subsidiary of SEII (Sharing Economy International Inc) (OTCQB:SEII) and is the green synergy for sharing economic, business, and world-sustainability goals. ECrent is now a global marketplace solely devoted to allowing people to rent whatever they may need and to changing human consumption patterns from buying in order to own everything, to renting to maximize the use of existing resources and minimize waste. Ecrent aims to make consumption more sustainable and to accelerate the adoption of a green economy. The platform enables those with idle assets to share them with those who lack them, helping to reduce inequality. Big ticket items that the poor cannot afford to buy are now available for rental at a fraction of the cost.

Imperium Group:

As of 2020, it is the fastest growing public relations firm in the Los Angeles and Dallas/Fort Worth Area. Mucklai says, “In the world of ever-changing markets you have to be able to move fast and adapt in order to stay on top. There are many factors that play out when it comes to being successful in your specific niche. A few simple ways to stay ahead of the competition is by constantly brainstorming new ideas to grow, creating new strategies to become more efficient, and keeping track of your audience.”

Shazir Mucklai, a 25-year old, Goldman Sachs alum, who took investment banking and private equity and coupled it with an act for public relations. Shazir first debuted his book on Amazon when he was 16 and went on to become the youngest writer for Forbes at 17 and has generated over 8 million unique views on publications he has written for. Mucklai now represents over 200 celebrities, brands, and media production houses and is an award-winning influencer, an activist investor, a former analyst at Goldman Sachs and is currently in law School while growing his public relations digital arbitrage firm.

Mucklai began writing seven years ago, landed his first client that same year, and published his first book six years ago. Mucklai has served thousands of clients, Drewhouse, Game of Thrones, Emmy award winning singer Halsey, and most notably Matrix 4 (currently in pre-production).

Mucklai says, “My biggest inspiration has been my father, Naushad Mucklai, who has always taught my siblings and myself to never give up, to create a meaningful impact wherever we go, and to move mountains for causes closest to us. “

Under the leadership of Shazir Mucklai, Imperium Group has grown to over 350 monthly accounts securing exclusive brand deals with the biggest outlets worldwide. In 2016, Imperium Group was the first public relations firm to have a shopify store and began web-based projects for its clients. By 2018, it had established the Mucklai Instagram and Digital Division with about half of its work being social media-related. It acquired technology magazine, Coin Digital Standard, in 2020. In 2019 it introduced the Business and Social Purpose division. It also introduced the Employee Engagement Connections Index, which helps users evaluate employee engagement through data collected in employee surveys, social media conversations, and feedback from human resources departments.

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