Tall Paul Rides again as creators recall Paul Meade Insurance ad campaign

The phones don’t ring as much as they once did at the Paul Meade Insurance Agency, but Nick Meade knows its phone number is still stuck in quite a few memories of those who lived through the heyday of UHF television.

Three decades have passed since the Tall Paul commercials with the catchy jingle last aired, yet the character and the song have an online following. A few years ago, Oklahoma native Blake Shelton posted a video declaring the commercial jingle his favorite followed by his own performance of the tune.

“Protecting all the things you own like cars and trucks and mobile homes, accidents and tickets too, just call and he’ll take care of you, 524-1541.”

Nick Meade, his mother, Marcella, and father Raymond, with the Tall Paul puppet (and a larger office display) that won a fanbase in the 1980s that lives on today with their commercials still being viewed online.

Nick Meade, who works at the agency with his father, Raymond Meade, often gets calls from people wanting them to bring Tall Paul back to television. The old commercials still entertain online with views topping 70,000.  

“I think it brings back memories that people are fond of – it was that time during the 1980s and 1990s,” Nick Meade said. “They like the Tall Paul character. He’s got this rabbit at his side and he plays a guitar.” 

Paul Meade, founder of Paul Meade Insurance, was  6 feet 2 inches tall, but his family believes the "Tall Paul" reference applies more to his  presence at the agency and how he interacted with customers. His portrait is displayed in the agency's lobby.

Different era

Tall Paul and the real Tall Paul loom large at the office the family has maintained at 4220 N Classen for the past four decades.

The puppet used in the stop-animation commercial greets visitors at the entrance while a larger version is seated at a nearby desk. Portraits of founder Paul W. Meade and his wife, Madeline, are prominently displayed at the opposite end of the lobby.