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Top marketing strategies for music professionals, according to Vishal Jain

Published on September 7, 2021

He shines bright as a music producer and freelancer and wants people to see things beyond music production for greater success.

Only creating music or producing it doesn’t turn songs into successful tracks or hit numbers. Some music producers and artists have realized that to create more success in the industry; one has to think beyond the usual and do many more things that can take them towards their desired success. Vishal Jain, even as a youngster, understood this and now wants everyone to know that the music industry is much more than only creating or producing music. “Marketing also plays a huge role,” mentions the growing music producer from Dubai.

For artists and music producers to find newer audiences and listeners and take their music across many parts of the world, marketing is a topic they can’t ignore and mustn’t. Today, music gets more connected with listeners if it has also been marketed well, says Vishal Jain, who has to his credit the launch of three songs already. He gives out a few marketing strategies for music professionals to attain more buzz and success.• Know your fans: The first thing is to find out who your fans are and where would they be found, says Vishal Jain. Getting more details about them, like where they are based and how old they are, can help in building an apt marketing strategy.• Learn social media marketing strategies: This may sound weird to those trying to make it as music producers or artists, but it is important to learn these strategies. Vishal Jain says social media is the best way to reach more people even in the untapped markets, which can help them obtain more attention towards their songs. For this, they must work around the right social media marketing strategies to get the word out about new releases for reaching more people.• Create great non-musical content: Creating more videos, blogs, and posting pictures offering compelling non-musical content will help create a lasting impression on listeners, resulting in new fans. Vishal Jain says that today listeners need more engaging content other than only music content to become more interested in an artist. Hence, a strong written narrative or a visual can put their music in an exciting new context.

Vishal Jain asserts that following the above marketing strategies can definitely help music producers up their game in the industry and reach more audiences and fans worldwide. To gain more updates about him, follow him on Instagram @vishaljain.