Trump fundraising is endless. But for what?

President Donald Trump

REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Former President Donald Trump

As regular readers of this space have long ago become aware, I’m not an admirer of Donald Trump. As a businessman, a tax cheat, a blowhard, an unfaithful husband who frequently trades in his wife on a new model, there is little about him that I find admirable and much that is despicable. If he ends up being charged various crimes currently under investigation, I hope he gets a fair trial, but I certainly won’t be sad if he gets convicted.

It hurts me to think that, while he has never enjoyed majority support, he has enjoyed the trust and support of a large minority of Americans, as measured by polls.

Perhaps because I’m a lifelong journalist for whom factual accuracy is the sine qua non, Trump’s constant lying ranks high on my long list of objections to the way he rolls. Perhaps I should pause here so the small number of Trump supporters who participate in Black Ink discussion threads can once again ask me to write less about him. I’ll just express my doubts that they are tired of hearing about him and hazard a guess that they never tire of hearing him praised far beyond his deserts. But I do wonder how they handle the lying.

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A friend of mine, who for reasons he doesn’t understand has been on the Trump e-mail list for years, often passes the e-mails along to me for my amusement. Something like 99.9 percent of them ask for money, but they often do so in a way that should be insulting to anyone capable of critical thinking. I provide the text of one of the most recent emails below, just Trump talking to a friend, asking for money, and setting weird conditions on how fast the friend has to send the dough. This is direct quote:


I feel sorry for Joe Biden.

In addition to having the worst presidential track record of ANY President so far, he will never know what it feels like to have the support of REAL American Patriots, like YOU.

YOU are what keeps me going, and to thank you, I’ve REACTIVATED your 400%-IMPACT OFFER for the NEXT 30 MINUTES.

Please contribute ANY AMOUNT in the NEXT 30 MINUTES to increase your impact by 400%.

Now just a couple of questions and comments that I would hope would occur to the recipients:

Assuming that the 400%-impact offer means that someone will match every dollar I gave with four more dollars (which I assume to be a lie, but what do I know?) who is providing the 400 percent match?

Why does it expire after 30 minutes? Thirty minutes from when?  What if I didn’t even see the offer for 30 minutes after Trump’s people hit send on the email to me?

If whoever it is that is providing the 400% match can afford to give “Save America” that much, why does it matter whether I give anything?

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Also, since Trump is not currently a candidate for any office, what will he do with my money, whether or not it’s quintupled? Nothing in the email alludes to what Trump will do with the money. The email comes from a PAC called “Save America.” The email sheds no light on Trump’s relationship to “Save America.” An “About Save America” web page makes it fairly clear that “Save America” and Donald J. Trump are synonymous, but doesn’t make clear the purpose of their mutual existence.

Anyway, I decided not to pledge a donation.