Valiant of Kitchen Tune-Up comes from family of small businesses

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — After multiple generations of family businesses, Walt Valiant is continuing this tradition by starting up his own branch of Kitchen Tune-Up, a kitchen remodeling business, for the Greater Lafayette area.

“I actually grew up in a small business,” Valiant said. “So I’ve always had a real big passion for small businesses in the local community. My dad took over my grandfather’s business in Evansville. My brother has since taken over that business, and I also have a brother over here in Lafayette. He’s got the Kona Ice trucks that go around.”

With a family history of running small businesses, Valiant had big shoes to fill. Luckily, the five “trustpoints” that Kitchen Tune-Up follows sets Valiant’s business apart from others. Listening carefully, arriving on time, respecting homes, providing solutions and skilled communication are all the foundation of Kitchen Tune-Up.

Walt Valiant has a family history of successful businesses. Kitchen Tune-Up is another step in this direction. (Photo provided by Maddie Darling).

“Kitchen Tune-Up was started out with the ‘tune-up’ process,” Valiant said. “That’s kind of the first of our five core services. The tune-up process restores the color and the finish to an existing cabinet. We can also do that with other wood works throughout the home. We also do cabinet painting, re-dooring, and re-facing. We can usually get most of the jobs done within a week.”