International Business

Where will an international business degree lead you?

Lisa Paterson
Consultant, Deloitte Australia | 

Master of International Business ’20

“I am passionate about the synergy of business and social development to bring about significant change,” Lisa says.

Lisa had the opportunity to develop her skills in this area through the Social Entrepreneurship unit of study, which allowed her to travel to Eden to work with local stakeholders such as the Aboriginal Land Council to develop a tourism-based social enterprise.

“The objective was to create Aboriginal employment and promote Aboriginal heritage in the area,” Lisa says.

“We leveraged the historic Bundian way, a 35km hiking path through important Aboriginal heritage sites, to propose a tour-based model enabling the local Aboriginal people to share the cultural significance of the area through story-telling and to generate an income by running tours.”

Throughout her studies at the University of Sydney, Lisa also gained real industry experience through a summer internship with Deloitte. The internship led directly to a full-time role at the consulting firm following Lisa’s graduation from her international business degree.