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Woman’s new ‘Ypsi Kind’ T-shirt business helps out local nonprofits

YPSILANTI, MI — Ypsilanti native Amanda May Moore raised almost $800 for local nonprofit organizations from sales of a new T-shirt during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even before the pandemic, Moore had hopes of selling T-shirts with her “Ypsi Kind” slogan and donating proceeds to local organizations.

Then COVID-19 arrived and Moore suddenly had a bit more time on her hands.

“As COVID hit, I had all of this extra time… I created material to send home with my students for a few weeks, thinking we would just be out of school for a few weeks… but then that wasn’t the case,” Moore said. “And so as we were trying to figure out what to do. I felt compelled to do something to help.”

Moore, 33, teaches Spanish to seventh and eighth graders and world cultures to sixth graders at Warner Middle School in Farmington Hills.

Although she has a bachelors in Spanish from Michigan State University and a Spanish teaching certification from Eastern Michigan University, she also loves design.

“I didn’t go to school for design or anything. I considered when I first went back to school at Eastern to do both art and Spanish for my teaching certification, but that would have been six years,” Moore said. “One of my current best friends is an art teacher, and so she’s a great resource to me, and then I of course have other friends who also are quite the artists as well.”

Moore began working on her Ypsi Kind design prior to the pandemic by using the letterpress lab at the Ann Arbor Public Library, Moore said. She thinks the design fits Ypsilanti’s image, she said.

Ypsilanti native creates t-shirt business

Amanda May Moore rediscovered her love of printmaking while attending the letterpress lab at the Ann Arbor Public Library.Amanda May Moore

“So just the idea of wanting to promote kindness in general, and for our community to know that we are unique and kind,” Moore said.

Once she realized that she wasn’t coming back to in-person classes after spring break due to COVID, she seriously began to work on her design and contacted VGKIDS, a screen printing company in Ypsilanti, Moore said.

She launched her Ypsi Kind T-shirt presale on May 1, Moore said. She donated $400, 100% of her proceeds, to Ypsi Local, Ozone House, Youth Arts Alliance, and SOS Community Services, she said.

After her successful launch, she developed a plan to continue selling the t-shirts and donating 10% of her proceeds from each sale, Moore said.

“The reason it’s maybe 10% is the shirts actually do cost quite a bit,” Moore said. “Especially if me, a teacher who isn’t making a ton and I have purchased the shirts for hundreds of dollars… So I of course want to make a little money back but also being able to give is important.”

She also developed her “Support Women” design onto a T-shirt and started selling those over the summer, donating five dollars from each sale to the SafeHouse Center in Ann Arbor, she said.

In about a year, she has been able to collect about $800 dollars to distribute to these local nonprofit organizations, she said.

“I intend to reinvest and be able to create more things,” Moore said. “And eventually, I’d like to be able to do the screen printing myself, but in the meantime, I’ve just been supporting another local business that I love, and appreciate here and Ypsilanti.”

Moore hopes to drop a new T-shirt design this summer that will be associated with another nonprofit organization that a percentage of its proceeds will go to, Moore said.

Those interested in Moore’s T-shirts can find them here.

More information about Moore’s business can be found on her Instagram.

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