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Xbox All Access New Marketing Strategy Includes ’90s-Style Music Video

Game company Microsoft has done it again with their marketing strategies and this time it’s about their new service Xbox All Access and 90s style music.

A new video just came out and everyone thought it was a new music video made by the famous ’90s R&B sensation All-4-One. It turns out it’s All-4-One, but it wasn’t. song “I Swear”. It had the same tune but with different lyrics and it was all about the new Xbox All Access service.

It turns out that Microsoft and All-4-One have teamed up to create a new version of the band’s 1994 “I Swear” ballad in the “It’s All There” music video. It shows what the Xbox All Access service is all about and highlights the benefits of the Xbox All-Inclusive Pass.

According to the Xbox wire, the music video “speaks the heart and truth of Xbox All Access.” It not only offers the Xbox Series X/S, but also a library of over 100 high-quality games for console, PC, phones and tablets with 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate included.

Xbox All Access is currently available in 12 countries around the world and will be coming to more countries sometime next year.

Here’s the beautiful music video from All-4-One:

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